November 9, 2016 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Cannabis industry expert Celeste Miranda and her team are proud to announce the launch of MC4MS, the first non-profit organization created specifically to push for continued research into the benefits of using medicinal cannabis to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. MC4MS believes that United States laws should be reformed to allow MS patients to more easily gain access to cannabis, which has proven beneficial to those stricken with the disease in limited trials.
“With cannabis, we have an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis that could improve the lives of so many people in this country,” said Amira Albonni, Executive Director of MC4MS. “Our company was created to ensure that we do everything we can to make medicinal cannabis available to help those in need.”
Studies have shown that cannabis reduces inflammation and calms the seizures and spasms that are characteristic of multiple sclerosis. In addition, active ingredients THC and CBD are known to induce better, deeper sleep and can often quell symptoms of depression. Renowned medical specialists such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta have also spoken out in favor of the use of medical cannabis. However, federal laws in the United States put heavy restrictions on the ability to legally test cannabis as a treatment for diseases like MS, which in turn limits the availability of the drug to patients looking for an alternative solution to treat their illness.
Celeste Miranda was diagnosed with MS in 2011, roughly at the same time she founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab, the premier public relations and branding agency in the cannabis marketplace. Her experience with The Cannabis Marketing Lab brought her face-to-face with the facts about medical cannabis, which inspired her to create MC4MS. Celeste Miranda sees the non-profit as part of a grassroots movement to eliminate social stigmas surrounding cannabis and reverse the stagnation of research on the drug due to bureaucracy among our nation’s policymakers.
“There is just no reason that we shouldn’t be doing the necessary research to find out how medical cannabis can battle MS and help people with the disease enjoy their lives,” Celeste Miranda commented. “MC4MS will continue to push for progress on this front so that we can get this incredibly important issue out into the national conversation.”


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