The Purpose

Our Mission

MC4MS is the first non-profit organization dedicated to the research and legalization of medical cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis.

Our Values

MC4MS believes in a patient's right to be informed about all treatment options and to choose how to heal. There is not one formula for everyone. We value public education, equipping patients with the knowledge they need to take care of themselves in the way they best see fit. MC4MS believes in every individual’s right to live well. We strive to contribute to our community and society in a way that benefits everyone and will leave a lasting and positive impact on future generations. We believe that cannabis should become a fully legal and socially acceptable treatment for all symptoms of multiple sclerosis in all 50 states.

Why Medical Cannabis?

Studies have shown time and time again that cannabis can ease pain, calm spasms and quiet the inflammation that agonizes MS patients. In addition, active ingredients THC and CBD can help patients sleep better and alleviate symptoms of depression that go along with fighting MS. For hundreds of years, cannabis has been used to treat countless different symptoms and infections. Our modern society has been misled about the benefits of cannabis, and it is time to reverse that trend.

How We Do It

It is imperative that we push for more testing and research to determine the extent to which medical cannabis is beneficial to those suffering from MS. The funds raised by MC4Ms will be put towards research, education and providing access to medical cannabis for those infected with multiple sclerosis. MC4MS is committed to transparency and honesty, especially when it comes to how our donations are being spent, and we will put every dollar and cent we can toward our cause.

Laws need to be challenged and social norms need to be changed so that we can unlock the potential of cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis and give relief to patients fighting this horrible disease. MC4MS will relentlessly urge our local, regional and federal policymakers to make the needed reforms to see this vision come to fruition. The time is now.