You are Invited to Be a Part of the MC4MS Founding 50 Donors

MC4MS is the first non-profit organization dedicated to the research and legalization of medical cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis. Our mission is to push our nation’s policymakers to loosen the restrictions on cannabis research so that more tests can be done to determine the effectiveness of cannabis in alleviating symptoms of MS. Studies have shown that medical cannabis calms seizures and spasms, helps patients sleep better and improves the mood of those fighting MS on a daily basis. However, due to outdated laws and false perceptions about cannabis, countless patients across the United States are not getting the treatment they need. It is time for us to unlock the true potential of medical cannabis to enhance the lives of those affected by multiple sclerosis.

MC4MS would like to extend your company the offer to be one of our “Founding 50” donors to help jumpstart this operation. As a member of our Founding 50, your company will be a key player in helping MC4MS raise awareness about the benefits of using medical cannabis to change the lives of those fighting against multiple sclerosis and allow them to be happier and healthier. In addition, your company will receive the following perks:

  • Company logo featured on the MC4MS website 
  • Cross-promotion on all MC4MS social media profiles 
  • A badge to display on your website 
  • Free access into all future MC4MS events 

A contribution of $1,000 is requested to become a Founding 50 partner. The funds raised by MC4MS will be put towards research, education and providing access to medical cannabis for those affected by multiple sclerosis. MC4MS is committed to transparency and honesty, especially when it comes to how our donations are being spent, and every dollar raised will be put towards our cause. 

We are incredibly grateful for any contribution you can make, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with your organization! Please visit the link below to join our cause as a Founding 50 donor.

Click here for application